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icons, ars quadra

18 RAYNE Icons

Posted on 2008.02.06 at 07:16
Affectus (State of Mind): accomplishedaccomplished
Camena (Music): "Just Be Good To Me" - The S.O.S. Band
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RAYNE Icons:  16 Labeled, 2 Blank








Images 1 - 12 are composed of a still of Summer Glau from the pilot of The Sarah Connor Chronicles (notice the way her mouth looks all puckered up and sweet) and a still of Adam Baldwin from the Firefly episode "Ariel".  There are some cute-sy icons, and a few chucklers for the shippers to abuse in good health.

Images 13 - 18 are made of the same still of Glau and a still of Adam Baldwin from the Firefly episode "The Message".  The "spanking hat" theme sparked by steplianna continues, but this time without our daring duo making the "hurts-so-good" faces.

Many of us may never look upon Mr. Cobb's tri-color, pom-pommed knitted headwear the same way ever again...God help us if we ever get Baldwin to wear one at a convention.  I just know someone's going to pull a paddle out of her bag and - wham! - restraining orders for the lot of us!  Hee!

As usual, blanks for all you keen-minded cappers!


Please feel free to grab, nab, loot, plunder, and yes, I do appreciate credit. 

Much love,

Green Owl

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