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greenowl, me!

Videos for Young Guns (I & II)

Posted on 2008.02.16 at 18:05
Affectus (State of Mind): amusedamused
Camena (Music): "Blaze Of Glory" - Jon Bon Jovi

Outlaws have always been popular, especially those of the Wild West.

Young Guns and it's sequel, Young Guns II, captured the imagination of an impressionable pre-teenage girl who always had a soft spot for the wild boys...

Producers of Young Guns II contacted Jon Bon Jovi and requested the rights to use "Wanted:  Dead Or Alive" for the sequel to the wildly popular Young Guns.  Bon Jovi thought the song didn't fit and suggested he write new songs for the movie.  The result was a soundtrack titled Blaze Of Glory: Songs Written And Performed By Jon Bon Jovi, Inspired By The Film Young Guns II.  Below is the list of songs on the album and links to their videos:





The Goofy

  • Peyote Scene ("...did you see the size of that chicken?...")

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