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pr0n, pervy

Fic: Songs About Ja(y)ne (Series)

Posted on 2008.02.28 at 13:19
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In case any of you were wondering, yes, I wrote the Songs About Ja(y)ne series...

They cannot all fit in the livejournal due to the size of the story files, but here's the link to my website and each of the individual stories:

Songs About Ja(y)ne

I - Harder to Breathe
II - This Love
III - Shiver
IV - She Will Be Loved
V - Tangled
VI - The Sun
VII - Must Get Out
VIII - Sunday Morning
IX - Secret
X - Through With You
XI - Not Coming Home
XII - Sweetest Goodbye

Another item that I produced was The Literary Companion, which gives you an idea of what I went through to write this series.

FYI - the series was also posted at FanFiction.Net and Forecast RAYNE.

Send me some feedback love and I may write you something fun...

Green Owl

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