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adam baldwin

Fics: "Adam Baldwin's 46(th) Birthday Spanking" Ficlets

Posted on 2008.02.28 at 13:40
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evilmaniclaugh did an Adam Baldwin pic spam (a large number of pictures), ladytalon1 made a comment about someone needing a "schpanky" and at that very moment, the bunny chose to sink her teeth into my bum...

I participated in the Birthday Spankings by contributing these drabbles:

"Democratic Schpanking" (PG) - in honor of the fact that Adam is a staunch Republican - hee!

"My Turn" (PG) - greedy merc in a compromising position, what more can a girl ask for?

Birthday Spanking Ficlets: Adam/Nathan - "Democratic Schpanking" - PG

“Hey, Adam.”

“Yo, Nathan.”

“Um, have you seen the latest?”


“Seems a group of females called the ‘Adamaniacs’ are planning to make a contribution in your name to the Democratic Party.”

“Oh, God, no…”

“And I quote, ‘In honor of the magnificent specimen of manhood that is Adam Baldwin, we, the Drooling Fangirls are holding an auction consisting of a massive collection of spank!pr0n’ – ”

“Jesus H. Christ, what the hell is ‘spank-porn’?!”

“– ‘all proceeds will be donated to the Democratic candidate’s campaign for President.”

“Are you responsible for this, Fillion?”

“Told you not to tease me, Baldwin.”

Birthday Spanking Ficlets: Jayne/River/Mal - "My Turn" - PG

“Jayne has been bad!”


“Very – ”


“Very – ”


“Very bad!”


“Whatcha doin’, Lil’ Albatross?”

“Corporal punishment, Captain-Daddy.”

“Has Jayne done something wrong?”


“And that’s why you’ve got him tied to his weight bench – gagged and bare-assed, I might add – and you’re using his own belt to discipline him?”

“Yes. Jayne found the secret location of his birthday cake and ate –” *smack!* “– the –“ *smack* “– whole –“ *smack* “– thing!!!”


Silence, naughty boy!”

“Not the cake that you used my credits to buy flour for?”



“Your turn?”


Much love,

Green Owl


xenaclone at 2008-03-14 20:02 (UTC) (Concateni (Links))
At the backup bash; according to folk who were there, His Hotness said he was [at least once] a member of the Democrat along with the comment, "I didn't leave them; they left me."

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