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daryl + carol, still

Fic: "In the Cold Distance" (PG-13)

Posted on 2013.05.04 at 23:31
Locus (Location): Philadelphia, PA
Affectus (State of Mind): aggravatedaggravated
Camena (Music): "Look After You" - The Fray
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Title: "In the Cold Distance"
Challenge: USS CARYL One-Year Anniversary
Author: Green Owl
Word Count: 2,800+
Pairing: Daryl Dixon + Carol Peletier
Rating: T ("Dixon tongue")
Timeline: Between Episodes 3.15 and 3.16
Summary: Carol and Daryl share food and thoughts.
Author Notes: Inspired by bard and balladeer, Bob Dylan, and his mighty mob of merry minstrels: Jimi Hendrix (Electric Ladyland), Eric Clapton and Lenny Kravitz (The Concert of the Century), and my personal favorite, Dave Matthews, who gave an incendiary performance at Woodstock '99.

Disclaimer: I don't own or buy/sell/process this mind crack - I just abuse the hell out of it.

It was almost twilight when Carol heard his footsteps on the stairs.

Much love,

Green Owl

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