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greenowl, me!

Drabble: Dreams Of A Rampant Sinner

Posted on 2008.02.02 at 13:03
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Originally posted to Copper For A Kiss on 22 January 2008 @ 04:11 am.

Title:  Dreams Of A Rampant Sinner
Author:  Green Owl
Characters:  River & Jayne ("The Girl Is Willing, But the Merc Is Weak [In the Head]" 'Verse)
Disclaimer:  I don't own or buy/sell/process this mind crack - I just abuse the hell out of it.
Rating:  R (You'll understand it when you read...)
Prompt:  Firefly Random Title Generator
Challenge by bugchicklv
Word Count:  100

Dreams Of A Rampant Sinner

Preacher Book once said that there was a “Special Hell” for child molesters and people who talked at the theater.

Jayne Cobb knew he was destined for the place, but it weren’t his fault, gorramit!  

A certain pygmy nutcase crawled onto his lap during the movie and he’d hollered – loudly – for her to “get off!”

River Tam knew she was going there because she’d followed the dual interpretations of his command, one in public, the other in private.

Her fingers and thighs were sticky as she dreamed about a certain bad-tempered mercenary who was only thirteen in his planet’s years.

Green Owl

P.S.  Yes, I'm still slaving away at MITM, no River hasn't gotten her toes wet yet.  Keep your panties on, people!  *huggles

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