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greenowl, me!

Scrinium Strigida Viridis: The Illustrated Guide

Posted on 2027.07.02 at 02:05
Locus (Location): Philadelphia, PA
Affectus (State of Mind): refreshedrefreshed
Camena (Music): "Take Me Home Tonight" - Eddie Money

Jeremy + Gloria

Ryan + Gloria

Jackie + Hyde

Eowyn + Faramir

River + Jayne

Stef + Mouth

Alice + Uncas

John + Ellie

Arthur + Ariadne

Kyle + Elizabeth 

Mick + Beth

John + Claire

Sorsha + Madmartigan



Much love,


sunshineali at 2008-12-17 04:32 (UTC) (Concateni (Links))
Very nice. It's like an open house. I love how you have the icons for each of the couples you ship. I have a question about the icon with "Soren and Isobel" what show are they from? I don't recognize them and any ship you like will more than likely be a ship I like as well.

I'm re-reading all of your stuff over break. I'm going to start with Man In the Moon and then back to Photuris. Where is St. Albans located?

I'm off to bed as well. Have a nice, short, drama free work week and a nice, long weekend. :)Ali
Green Owl
greenowl at 2008-12-17 14:43 (UTC) (Concateni (Links))
Hi, honey! Thanks for the feedback.

Soren is a character from Underworld. He's got a bit part, but I loved his screen presence so much, I decided that he needed his very own love story, so I invented the character of "Isobel" for him.

"St. Albans" is located at the Photuris (River + Jayne) page under "Challenges".
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