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2 July 1977
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Once upon a time, there was a little girl who loved to read and write. She grew up into a frankly hideous teenager who read a lot and write even more and missed out on many, many socialization opportunities with her teenagers. She then emerged from the "wonder" years as an adult who emitted a strange, faint scent that attracted "plot bunnies" to her bum like flies to rotting meat.

Hello, my name is Green Owl and this is my fan fiction livejournal. Please stay awhile, read, write feedback and make demands on me because these damn rabbits ain't goin' nowhere soon...

Love me some men, 'specially if they be big and stupid. Yes, I'm talking to you, Jayne Cobb, Ryan O'Reily, Wolverine, Kyle Bates and John Bender!

I'm open to having rabid plot bunnies tossed into my lap, just be aware that it may take some time if it needs a lot of researching.

My Personal Rules For Writing Fan Fiction

  1. I will know the characters inside and out and treat them with respect. I will not make them do anything that is implausible / out-of-character; they will conduct themselves in my fiction with the intelligence, mannerisms and speech patterns that their creator(s) gave them. All displays of emotion will be in character; I will never write emo-pr0n.
  2. I will thoroughly research every aspect of the setting and plot. I will not “make something up” unless I absolutely have to or I am writing in an alternate universe.
  3. I will “play the wanting” and make sure the characters have sufficient foreplay to warrant anything from lusting after each other to exchanging bodily fluids. Sex is hot, but sex after a hell of a lot of sexual tension and meaningful eye contact is even hotter.
  4. I will payoff every single element of foreshadowing I introduce into the piece.
  5. I will use dialogue as often as I can to move the action forward. I will not resort to describing the scene unless the physical activity effectively communicates what words will not, or silence is necessary between the characters.
  6. I will stick with my style, but I will not be afraid to experiment now and then.
  7. I will edit multiple times to make sure that the piece is something I’d be proud to put my name on.
  8. For the love of God, I will spell-check and grammar-check everything before I post.
  9. I will acknowledge any and all people who contributed to the final product.
  10. I will send “thank-you” notes to everyone who is kind enough to review and comment.

My Favorite Tools

  • Thesaurus function on MS Word (alternately, www.m-w.com – thesaurus) – I love to look at different ways to phrase things and each word has a subtle, yet distinctive connotation that can greatly affect the flavor of the piece.
  • Wikipedia – great launching pad for ideas.
  • Music – good inspiration for my pieces – the “Songs About Ja(y)ne” series came from the Maroon 5 album Songs About Jane.
  • Payoff List – running tally of foreshadowing incidents and how I will pay them off.

How I Write

  1. Research the source material and take lots of notes on the appearance, facial expressions, movement, and mannerisms of the characters. Jot down ideas as they come to me, but do not start writing yet.
  2. Research the ideas thoroughly – will they work with what we know about the characters? Use all available sources including the Internet and the local library – this takes me the longest because I refuse to use inaccurate information.
  3. Start writing (and concurrently sketching out a plot if the piece is longer than a one-shot).
  4. Primary assessment of the piece – is it plausible, does it work?
  5. Edit. Rework, add to or subtract from the plot if needed.
  6. Secondary assessment of the piece – are there any major glitches, does it flow?
  7. Edit. Make sure any and all foreshadowing is paid off (if there is any) and that the vocabulary of the characters is accurate.
  8. Final assessment – does it need any polishing?
  9. Edit while reading through of the piece out loud. Adjust the order of words, sentences, even paragraphs if they seem awkward.
  10. Post.
  11. Go back and read over again.
  12. Edit the post if needed (and I usually do).

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